Claudia Tiedemann (1986)

Stylish and cold. Claudia has come a long way. She is the first woman to be in charge of a nuclear power station. Her father is the police officer, Egon Tiedemann. Her mother, Doris, is long dead. Claudia is disappointed in her daughter, Regina; she doesn’t brush her hair, she hardly talks, and she seems absent. What on earth is wrong with the child?


Her predecessor, Bernd Doppler, initiates her into the secrets of the power station. Something happened in the summer of 1986. Now she has to eliminate the evidence.

Bernd’s son, the simple-minded guard Helge Doppler, gives her a book by H.G. Tannhaus on her first day in the job. She ignores him.

The door in the cave


Bernd shows Claudia an entry to the Winden Cave complex, which is directly adjacent to the power station site. Inside: countless barrels of nuclear waste. She hires the homeless, penniless Aleksander to fit a door in the cave and weld it shut. Is she hiding nuclear waste behind it? Or is she smuggling it through time?

In the cave, Claudia had a fateful encounter with a long lost friend: her dog, Gretchen, lost in the cave 33 years ago. Claudia begins to understand that there is a connection between time periods. She begins to read the book that Helge gave her, “Eine Reise durch die Zeit” — “A journey through time”. She will soon leave Winden. Claudia will become a time traveler and, as an old woman, Noah’s opponent. Could his henchman, Helge, have realized this when he gave her the book?