Aleksander Tiedemann (2019)

Director of the Winden nuclear power station. He has lived in the town for 33 years. Aleksander is married to Regina Tiedemann. Bartosz is their son, and he seems to spend a lot of time at home alone. Aleksander lives more at the power station that at home.



Aleksander Tiedemann is not who he claims to be. When he came to Winden, 33 years ago, he buried his true identity in a platic bag in the forest: A passport in the name of Boris Niewald. But a girl was watching him — Hannah Kahnwald. Now, she uses her knowledge to blackmail this powerful man. She demands that he destroy Ulrich’s life — as revenge for Ulrich rejecting her love.

Aleksander has another secret. Claudia Tiedemann, his future mother-in-law, hired him for a secret task when he was young and homeless. He welded the door to the cave shut — the door that Ulrich found when he went looking for Mikkel. Does the door have something to do with the barrels of nuclear waste, that Bernd showed Claudia in the cave in 1986? Aleksander knows all too well about the connection between the cave and the nuclear power station. When Ulrich asks him about it, he lies.