Claudia Tiedemann (2019)

An old, scarred woman. Former director of the nuclear power station. She has swapped the business suits she used to wear for functional apparel. Long, tangled white hair. She looks like she has been at war. She regrets many things about her life and would happily turn back time if she could.

Where has she come from? Why was she away from Winden for so long?

An imperious mother, she caused her daughter Regina a great deal of suffering. For Regina, her mother is dead — and that is exactly what she tells her son, Bartosz. He believes that his grandmother died before he was born.

The time traveler


Claudia Tiedemann did not die before Bartosz was born. She went on a journey through time. Now she has returned from the future. But what is she planning?

The night Mikkel disappears, she meets Peter and Tronte in the bunker behind the shack on the forest track. Peter has just seen the dead Mads Nielsen materialize before his eyes. Claudia recruits the two men to help her, and together they carry the corpse to the place in the forest where the police will find him. But why?

She claims that she wants to smooth out the course of time to prevent the deaths of Mads and the other children. Claudia seems to be allied with the Stranger. This is why, in 1953, she gives the Clockmaker diagrams that enable him to build the apparatus which the Stranger will use in 1986 to close the wormhole in the cave, destroying the time loop.

But what are Claudia’s real motives? Noah is convinced that she is just manipulating the Stranger for her own purposes. She wants to take mastery of time travel for herself.