Charlotte Doppler (2019)

Local chief of police in Winden. Highly intelligent. Guided by reason and logic. She and her husband, Peter, have been sleeping separately for a long time. Their marriage has broken down, but they stay together for the sake of the children — highly intelligent Franziska, who wants nothing more than to escape the facade of her family home, and deaf Elisabeth. Charlotte often takes care of her father-in-law Helge, for example when he wanders off.

Police work

Charlotte is Ulrich’s superior officer. After his son, Mikkel, disappears, she begins to doubt his suitability for the case. Together, they try to solve the enigma of the missing children. What does the dead boy with burnt eyes and the five pfennig coin hanging around his neck have to do with it all?

She experiences a personal déjà vu. As a child, she collected and sketched the dead birds that fell from the sky. Now there are dead birds falling again. Is there a link to the case?

"Why not the forest track?"


Charlotte does not believe Ulrich when he suspects that there is a link between the nuclear power station, the cave, and the disappearance of the children. Nor does she believe him when he suspects her aged father-in-law, Helge. But she gets a search warrant anyway. Tire tracks on the power station site lead to the cave entry. Inside is the sealed door, which Ulrich also encountered when he was looking for Michel in the cave.

She remembers a note that Ulrich discovered in the archive: When Mads Nielsen disappeared, 33 years ago, her father-in-law was supposed to make a statement. “Why not the forest track?” is written in the file — in the handwriting of Egon Tiedemann, investigating officer at the time. Charlotte checks the maps of the cave complex and discovers that it passes beneath the Doppler family shack on the forest track.

From Peter, she learns that Helge was living in the shack at the time. Until a car accident on 12 November, 1986. Is this the reason that he did not come to the station to make a statement? Was her father-in-law involved in the disappearance of Mads?

Ulrich is convinced that he was. He leaves a message on her voicemail: Helge abducted the children. But not now. In 1986. Then her colleague vanishes from the face of the earth. Charlotte finds him in the archive — in a police photograph from 1953.