Chair in the child’s room

It looks like an electric chair. Foot shackles. Eye covers. In a child’s room from a 1980s nightmare. It is a bringer of death, but that is not its purpose.

Location and purpose


The chair is in the year 1986. Helge and Noah have set up the child’s room in the bunker behind the shack on the forest track. This is where they take their victims — the missing children: Yasin and Erik from 2019, and Mads Nielsen from 1986. Their aim is not to kill the children. Together, the room and the chair form a time machine.

The children are guinea pigs.

The bunker is in the immediate vicinity of the cave. It serves as a catalyst, channeling the temporal energy flows of the wormhole at the site.

Noah and Helge’s final victim is Jonas Kahnwald. When he is locked in the room, a wormhole opens in front of him, triggered by the Stranger’s attempt to dissolve the time loop. Jonas can see the year 1953, and he sees Helge as a child. They touch, and Helge is transported to the year 1986. Jonas finds himself in the same place, but in another time: in the year 2052.