Burnt eyes

In 1953 and 2019, the corpses of children are found in Winden. The police and pathology are baffled. The eyes and ears have severe burns. Internal fractures in the skull, forehead, nose, and eye sockets. There is no evidence of external force. The ear canals are swollen. The eardrums have burst. What could have caused this?

Child murder with a leap in time


The children with the burnt eyes are victims of Noah and Helge. They abducted them and locked them in a child’s room in the year 1986, strapping them into a type of electric chair with eye covers. The truth is that this is a time machine.

But it is deadly.

The schoolchildren Yasin and Erik were taken from the year 2019 to the year 1986. Their bodies were found on the construction site for the nuclear power station as it was being built 33 years earlier. Mads Nielsen dies in 1986, but his corpse is transported to the year 2019.