Bernd Doppler (1953)

Bernd Doppler is a visionary. He wants to take responsibility — for the nuclear power station and for the whole town. He is convinced that nuclear power is the way of the future. Even if the coal industry doesn’t want to see this. The authoritarian Bernd is very gentle to his son Helge — in contrast to his wife, Greta.

Helge's disappearance


Bernd is distraught when Helge disappears without a trace. He urges the police to find his son. Bernd, of course, has no inkling that Ulrich has come from the future to kill his son, and has locked him in the old bunker behind the Doppler family’s shack in the forest.

He has even less inkling that Helge is not even his son. Greta conceived the boy to another man — and not in an act of love.