Bartosz Tiedemann

Charismatic. Always ready with a quick retort. Carefree — until everything starts to crumble.

His parents are Regina and Aleksander Tiedemann, owner of the Waldhotel and director of Winden’s nuclear power station. The family has money. Bartosz wants for nothing. Almost nothing. Claudia Tiedemann is his grandmother, and he has always believed she is dead. That is what his mother told him.

Friendship, love, and loss

Bartosz is together with Martha. He has no idea that his best friend, Jonas, is in love with her.

After Erik Obendorf disappears, Bartosz suspects that his drug stash is in the Winden Cave. Together with Jonas, Martha, Magnus, and Magnus’s kid brother, Mikkel, they sneak to the cave one night. There, they encounter Franziska Doppler there. She has come for exactly the same reason. It is 4 November, 2019. Suddenly, their flashlights begin to flicker and a piercing sound fills the air. And then Mikkel is simply gone.

The temptation of Bartosz


Believing he is in touch with Erik’s dealer, Bartosz meets with a mysterious man. It is Noah, who wants to recruit him for his plans.

Bartosz is about to see his world shaken. Twice. First, he discovers that his best friend Jonas has secretly taken up with his girlfriend, and so he terminates their friendship. Then, his grandmother turns out to be alive. She suddenly shows up at the terrace door and gives him an old family photo as a gift for his mother.

Noah lures Bartosz to join him, and convinces him that Claudia is evil. In the future, two sides will battle for dominance of time travel. He is on the side of light. Claudia is on the side of darkness.