A ticking masterpiece made up of cogs, bolts, copper, and brass. In 1953, the Clockmaker begins building the machine according to Claudia Tiedemann’s plans. In 1986, he completes it.

The Clockmaker only understands how to activate it when the Stranger brings his own version of the apparatus to him for repair. With the help of Ulrich’s smartphone, which he left in his workshop by mistake 33 years earlier, and the radioactive isotope Cs-137, the Clockmaker is able to set the machine running.

Function and purpose


According to Claudia, she commissioned the Clockmaker to construct the apparatus because she wanted to smooth out the passage of time. It creates a wormhole which links various timeframes with one another. In this way, the apparatus makes time travel possible — but the Stranger is pursuing a different goal. He wants to use it to collapse the wormhole in the cave, closing the time loop of perpetual recurrence that has a hold on Winden.

But is that really the purpose of the apparatus? According to Noah, the Stranger is being manipulated. The apparatus doesn’t close the time loop; it creates it.