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Aleksander Tiedemann

Aleksander Tiedemann is director of the nuclear power plant, making him one of the most powerful men in Winden. He seems serious and confident, but he has secrets to hide. He is caring towards his wife Regina, especially after finding out she has cancer. Together they have a son, Bartosz.

Arrival in Winden

In November 1986, a young man with a gunshot wound is running through the forest near Winden when he witnesses Katharina and Ulrich Nielsen threatening Regina Tiedemann. The man pulls out a gun and drives away the attackers. Regina is grateful and tends to his wound. They soon become a couple.

Double identity

The young man is hoping to start a new life in Winden. He has two passports: one with the name Aleksander Köhler and the other with Boris Niewald. He buries the latter with the gun in the forest, but Hannah Kahnwald sees him and takes the bag with the compromising materials.

She waits until 2019 and then blackmails him. She demands the man, who is now called Aleksander Tiedemann, use his power in Winden to destroy Ulrich Nielsen's life.

Aleksander and the yellow barrels

When Aleksander arrives in Winden, he goes straight to the nuclear power plant and asks for a job. He introduces himself to director Claudia Tiedemann as a friend of her daughter's. She hires him to carry out a confidential job: He must seal off the cave beneath the power plant where yellow barrels of atomic waste are stored.

Thirty-three years later, Aleksander is director of the plant and he's determined to keep the existence of the yellow barrels a secret – even from the investigations of Ulrich Nielsen and Charlotte Doppler. Aleksander is kept up-to-date on the police investigations by his contact man Wöller. When the police threaten to search the power plant site, he has the yellow barrels loaded onto a truck and left at a truck stop.

Spoiler alert

Season 2 : episode 7

New investigation

When special investigator Clausen joins the missing persons cases in Winden, he seems to hone in on Aleksander Tiedemann. Clausen wants to know, among other things, why the man took his wife Regina's family name when they married. When he visits the power plant again, Clausen brings information from the Marburg registry office with him. The investigator determines that Aleksander is several centimeters taller than the height listed in records from the 1980s. Clausen arrests him under suspicion of identity fraud.

During questioning at the police station, Clausen reveals his true motives: His surname used to be Köhler and his brother Aleksander has been missing since 1986. Clausen received an anonymous letter a few months ago promising he'd find answers to the case of his missing brother in Winden. He takes Aleksander into custody.