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Agnes Nielsen

Agnes Nielsen is a sight to behold: The attractive woman exudes an elegance and cosmopolitan style that you don't see every day in Winden. In 1953, she and her son Tronte arrive in town and lodge in the home of Doris and Egon Tiedemann. Agnes tells Doris about her childhood in Winden and her late husband – a pastor – who, according to Agnes, wasn't a good person. The friendship between the women develops into a secret affair.

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Season 2 : episode 3

Betrayal and entanglements

Agnes did indeed grow up in Winden. As a young woman, she meets her great-great-grandson Jonas Kahnwald when he lands unexpectedly in 1921. She was also a former member of the secret society Sic Mundus, but had a falling out with them and her brother Noah.

She maintains contact with Claudia Tiedemann, the arch-enemy of Sic Mundus. Agnes divulges information about Claudia to Noah when the siblings meet in 1954 and claims she wants to rejoin the secret group.

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Season 2 : episode 8


Agnes is successful in her attempt to rejoin Sic Mundus. She is in the underground headquarters when Noah challenges Adam and threatens him with a gun, but the weapon jams. Agnes takes the gun and shoots her brother with Adam's approval.